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Photo prepAration

Help us help you get top dollar for your home

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  • Thoroughly clean the entire house and keep counters free of clutter

  • Open blinds, shutters, and curtains to brighten up rooms

  • Turn on all lights and lamps and replace burned-out bulbs

  • Turn ceiling fans OFF but keep the fan light ON if possible

  • Remove personal items you don't want visible in the shots

  • Make all beds, straighten pillows, and tidy up nightstands

  • Clean up bathroom counters and remove items from shower or tub

  • Pick up children toys and hide pet items 

  • Hide all interior/exterior trash cans from sight

  • Arrange outdoor patio furniture and open umbrellas.

  • Remove pool items such as toys, floats, chlorinators and vacuums.

  • Turn on pool water features if possible

  • Coil up hoses and put away garden items

  • Remove small floor rugs or mats to reveal interior flooring

  • Remove cars from driveway and don't park in-front of the home

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